In today’s busy life, it is very important to fight stress. Time can’t always allow you to go somewhere exotic to feel good every time you are stressed. This is why we bring “the exotic” to your home. We bring to you these bright and vibrant colors in the shape of hardware to make your day happier and your mind calmer.

Rockmetal craft is about two brothers who grew up dreaming big, pursuing their dreams and making it big. We started with our first company “ASIA which was founded by our father in 1990. Today it is a renowned manufacturing brand in India. We then introduced ceramic knobs, glass knobs and things with bright and exhilarating appearance. These new things with our excellent service and communication became a big success. This was when decided to launch a full fledged new company with these exotic things.

As the name “Rockmetal Craft” suggests, we are all about crafting. We bring to you thousands of knobs and other exciting products which will simply exalt your mood to a new level. Our very skillfully made products in young bright colors can be all your house needs.

Success is all about walking that extra mile. You can make an idea of our authenticity by having a good look at our website. This website is a result of a long time of our hard work. Each image on this website is clicked by us, the description of each product is written by us. You will understand that not everyone in India goes this far in presenting themselves, they rather follow a “copy-paste” algorithm.

Our quality of working hard is all for you to exploit. We look forward to meeting you.